Nastel Demonstrates Enhanced Application Performance Management Offerings at IBM IMPACT 2010

Long Island-based Nastel Technologies has been demonstrating its AutoPilot® M6 Suite of application performance management offerings this week at IBM’s IMPACT 2010 conference in Las Vegas.  Highlighting Nastel’s appearance at the show was an AutoPilot educational session by guest speaker Tony Konczak, a senior mainframe sustaining engineer from financial technologies giant Fiserv.  In addition to discussing the performance benefits Fiserv has achieved, the Mr. Konczak explained how AutoPilot was implemented at the Fortune 500 company that supplies financial services technology solutions to more than 16,000 institutional clients worldwide.

Fiserv, an AutoPilot customer since 2006, uses Nastel AutoPilot for monitoring and service level agreement (SLA) management for their bill payment and fraud detection applications.  A program of work was initiated in 2006 to develop a new solution that could address the needs of Fiserv’s middleware team, to introduce more flexible and efficient mechanisms for assuring the performance and availability of their critical lines of business.

According to Nastel, AutoPilot M6 gives IT professionals and line-of-business managers 360-degree situational awareness of the entire IT environment, including both transactional and operational data in a unified business context.  The solution, with its built-in complex event processing engine, enables management teams to identify and fix problems—even predict and prevent them—before they compromise SLA or other performance standards.

This week Nastel also announced that it has enhanced the predictive problem analytics capabilities of the AutoPilot® M6 Suite.  This powerful capability utilizes an embedded Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine to rapidly search for patterns that show a business is veering from business normal to business abnormal.  It is packaged with pre-built policies for industry standard infrastructure with a wizard interface for user-defined policies. Added to this are new algorithms for automatically determining what is normal and abnormal for your business without requiring any intervention on the part of the user.

“Early-warning identification of problems is essential for today’s large enterprises, especially in the financial services and healthcare industries,” said Albert Mavashev, CTO for Nastel.  “With increased regulation, requirements for transparency and a mandate to manage risk, businesses need to know about problems when they first show up and not wait until they blow up. AutoPilot has proven itself to be a critical factor in enabling its customers to proactively manage their mission-critical business applications.”

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