Future Tech and IBM Migration Factory Help Adecco Improve IT Infrastructure

I came across a great IBM case study published earlier this year involving technology solution provider Future Tech Enterprise, Inc. and staffing company Adecco Group North America, two Long Island-based companies.

As the North American division of the worldwide staffing company Adecco has grown, so has its IT environment, resulting in a disparate infrastructure that became increasingly difficult to manage.  As primary systems began reaching end of life, the organization faced rising maintenance costs and IT support concerns.

To address these concerns and to accommodate the company’s continued growth, Adecco embarked on a massive consolidation effort, refreshing the IT infrastructure while migrating the systems onto a common platform.  The project would involve Adecco’s mission-critical systems, including a customer management system supporting 2,000 to 2,500 concurrent users, as well as payroll, financial, and data warehouse systems. Support systems included provisioning, electronic data interchange (EDI) systems, FTP and tax systems.

Adecco evaluated infrastructure solutions from HP, Sun and IBM, but ultimately chose to standardize on IBM’s POWER™ processor-based architecture.  Utilizing IBM Migration Factory, the organization consolidated 50 HP and Sun servers onto a five-node cluster of IBM System p®570 servers running the IBM AIX®V5.3 operating system.  Adecco also took this opportunity to upgrade a number of enterprise applications and to clean up legacy processes.

At the same time, the company was also undergoing a data center consolidation effort, relocating the primary data center from Long Island, NY, to Charlotte, NC.  With the help of IBM Business Partner Future Tech Enterprise, Inc., Adecco consolidated five data centers, relocating infrastructure components to the new facility.  As part of the data center consolidation, Adecco also migrated to an IBM managed storage architecture.

The new infrastructure solution has delivered dramatic results to the organization, including a net 600 percent improvement in performance for Adecco’s commissions process.  It has also enabled payroll batches to run three to four times faster and has enabled an increased service window for their service center.  Adecco has also seen significant financial savings because of the lower costs of maintaining the consolidated environment.

You can read the full case study here.


  1. In this case study, can you please correct our copany name? It is listed as Future Tech Enterprises, and it should not have an S. Future Tech Enterprise, Inc. Thank you! https://techsources.com/2010/05/12/future-tech-and-ibm-migration-factory-help-adecco-improve-it-infrastructure/

    Would you be able to add a tag? Future Tech Enterprise Inc.

    We appreciate your help!

    Catherine Calame, Director of Marketing and PR


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